Q. How do I know boats will be available?

  • A. The Yacht Club maintains a boat/Member combination that preserves the availability of the boats. Our reservation policy allows all Members equal access to reservations. A Member has the ability to have four reservations scheduled at any given time and can reserve up to six months in advance.

Q. How hard is it to get yacht reservations on the weekends?

  • A. We recommend making reservations for weekend days 3 to 4 weeks in advance in the Spring & Summer, 2-3 weeks in the Fall & Winter. We strongly suggest taking advantage of our 3-month advance reservations policy for special events such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Q. What if I have no boating experience?

  • A. The Yacht Club is happy to recommend one of many licensed Captains who offer private one on one training courses by appointment. Each member is also given a vessel orientation the first time he or she uses each of The Yacht Club vessels.

Q. Is insurance included?

  • A. Yes! In the unfortunate case of an accident our members are only liable for up to the insurance deductible. Members also have the option of buying the deductible down to as little as $1,000.

Q. What are the cruising limits?

  • A. Limits are 50 miles North to 50 miles South and a maximum of 15 miles offshore. The Bahamas are off-limits.

Q. When do the boats have to be back at the docks? Can I take them after-hours?

  • A. Our normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you wish to stay out later than 5pm, you simply need to request permission (You need to have taken our boats out during normal business hours a few times in order for us to determine your skill level.) Once you have taken the boat out until dusk a few times and successfully docked and tied up without assistance, then you are permitted to use the boats at night as well. All boats need to be returned to the docks by midnight.

Q. May I keep the boat out overnight?

  • A. Yes, each membership includes a vacation package where you can keep a boat out overnight for up to three days.

Q. Can I rent a boat for one day?

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